Grains of Truth Exhibition

In June 2018 we hosted an exhibition of sculptures by Smith & Moore, Santiago Bell and Arun Weys. Here are photos from the exhibition and some of the comments left by visitors:

“Wonderful to see David Moore’s work once again – and a first opportunity to view Santiago Bell’s archive. They sit so well together.”

“What a range of work. Excellent – I like the bits of controversy. The venue is such a real treasure and links into the prayer of the Iona Community (of which I am a member) ‘seeking new ways to touch the hearts of all’ – including our own hearts – i.e. hearts of those within church who think they have it all taped.”

“Sculptures that move on, irrespective of faith or lack of it.”

“Inspiring and moving – and thanks for the lovely hospitality.”

“Astounding craftsmanship – conceptually brilliant too. Touches ones heart and spirit.”

“A wonderful and moving exhibition, especially the wood carvings. Politically challenging and religiously questioning.”

“Powerful visionary work, brave, bold, sensitive and deeply compassionate.”

“I liked the plain wood sculpture best – also the Tower of Babel.”

“Absolutely amazing. It made us think about things in a different way. It has a lot of interesting sculptures to look at. Thank you.”

“And the last will be first! Amazing – all of it. Thank you to everyone involved in putting this together and making this happen.”

“I loved having such skilled creative work in our church  – it grave great pleasure.”

“Magnificent work, touching and tragic. So glad I’ve seen it.”

“Wonderful, deeply spiritual and inspiring images despite the human pain.”

“Good to see such and open minded church.”

“So thought provoking and great skill and thought in the sculptures.”

“Intriguing, beautiful and poignant exhibition. Thought provoking, too. Thank you.”

“Fantastic exhibition. The wood is alive, figures and colours put forward the story. Pain loss, love etc.”