Building Project – Faith in the Future

In order to implement our ministry and vision more effectively, we are making several changes to the building. These include creating a more flexible worship space, opening up the front of the church more and improving disabled access as well as the meeting room and kitchen facilities.

The first part of the works covering the entrance, sanctuary and new lift to the downstairs hall are now complete and we are really pleased with the result! You can see some photos here.

We are now starting to fundraise for the second phase of the project which will involve remodelling the downstairs: removing the stage, putting in a new kitchen and new toilet facilities and creating a downstairs lobby area.

Below are some of the initial plans as well as 3D impressions and past copies of our Building Bulletin providing updates on the project.


Ground Floor Plan
The intention is to open up the main front door to the Church again, have a larger lobby area (with a tea serving point and disabled WC) and for the pews to be removed from the main sanctuary (they will be replaced by benches and chairs as well as a new flexible communion area and pulpit). There will be a ramp providing access to the North side of the church where new entrance into the lobby area will be created. A lift will provide easy access to the basement. Longer term, we hope to create a cloister to replace the current path up the side of the church.

Basement Floor Plan
The front end of the large hall will be reconfigured to house toilet facilities and a new kitchen. Towards the back, the stage will be removed. Longer term, we hope to remove the current steep staircase at the back of the hall and reconfigure the small courtyard into an atrium with a new stairwell.

Front and Side Elevations
These drawings show how the front (West) and side (North) of the church would look once the ramp and cloister are added.

Atrium Sections
These drawings give a sense of what the atrium (with the new stairwell) at the back of the church will be like.

3D Impressions

Front of the Church


View from the Sanctuary back to the Narthex/Lobby

Building Bulletins

News and updates about the building project.

Building Bulletin 5 (August 2016)

Building Bulletin 4 (March 2016)

Building Bulletin 3 (August 2013)

Building Bulletin 2 (February 2013)

Building Bulletin 1 (October 2012)