Michael Etheridge Library

Following the death of Michael Etheridge in February 2016, his wife, Helen, has kindly made Michael’s extensive collection of books available to Vic and the Bristol & South Gloucestershire Circuit. Below is a searchable catalogue of the collection.

The Catalogue can be displayed by Title, Author or Category by clicking on the arrow at the top right of the relevant column or use the Search box to search for a particular Author, Title or Keyword.

You can download the list of books as a comma separated file (.csv) which you can import into Excel, or please contact Christine Stones () for a copy of the original Excel file.

If you would like to arrange a time to browse the collection or pick up a book you want to borrow, please arrange this with Christine Stones (). There is a folder in one of the book cases where we ask borrowers to record any borrowed or returned books.

The books have been sorted into simple categories:
BIB = Bible
BIB COM = Bible Commentaries
BIO = Biography/Autobiography
CYP =Children and Young People
CBF= Christian Belief
CHU = Church and Church History
DEV = Devotional
DIS = Discipleship
MIN= Ministry
MIS= Mission and Evangelism
PAS = Pastoral Care/Counselling
PHL = Philosophy
PRE = Preaching
REF= Reference
SPI = Spirituality
THE = Theology
WSH= Worship
WRL = World Relgions and Multi-Faith

TitleAuthorCategoryOrder added
Picture Stories from the BibleBIB40
The Psalms - The Grail TranslationBIB43
The Bible in One Year (NIV)BIB245
Oxford Annotated Bible with ApocryphaBIB399
A History of Israelite Religion in the Old Testament PeriodAlbertz, RainerBIB84
The Living World of the Old TestamentAnderson, Bernhard W.BIB85
The Drama of ScriptureBartholomew, C and Cohen, MBIB36
Creating the Old Testament - the Emergence of the Hebrew BibleBigger, StephenBIB259
The Greek New TestamentBorg, Marcus J.BIB406
Novum Testamentum GraeceBorg, Marcus J.BIB408
New Testament and PsalmsBorg, Marcus J.BIB 407
The Authority of the Old TestamentBright, JohnBIB272
The PsalmsBrueggemann, WalterBIB25
Remember you are DustBrueggemann, WalterBIB26
Theology of the Old TestamentBrueggemann, WalterBIB66
Revelations -Personal responses to the books of the BibleByng, JamiesBIB14
Jesus and the Violence of ScriptureCrossan, John DominicBIB635
The Bible in a World ContextDietrich, W. and Luz, U.BIB24
Approaches to Old Testament InterpretationGoldinghay, JohnBIB270
New Testament Greek - Introductory GrammarJay, Eric G.BIB253
Propagation and Subversion in the Old TestamentMason, RexBIB269
To Each its Own Meaning. An introduction to Biblical CriticismMcKenzie, S. and Haynes, S. (Eds)BIB37
The Oxford Companion to the BibleMetzger, B. and Coogan, M.BIB86
Gospel of Mark IlluminatedNicholls, RexBIB97
Holy Bible Human BibleOliver, GBIB29
The Social Visions of the Hebrew BiblePleins, J. DavidBIB87
Manual Greek Lexicon of the New TestamentSmith, AbbottBIB409
Groundwork of Biblical StudiesStacey, DavidBIB39
Gospel TruthStanton, GrahamBIB71
Jesus and the World of JudaismVermes, GezaBIB280
Old Testament Theology Volumes one and twoVon Rad, GerhardBIB260
GenesisAmos, ClareBIB COM254
GenesisArnold, Bill T.BIB COM75
The Epistle to the RomansBarrett, C.K.BIB COM111
Renewing Biblical InterpretationBartholomew, C., Greene,C. and Moller, K BIB COM12
The Cambridge Campanion to Biblical InterpretationBarton, J (Ed)BIB COM30
The Gospels Cambridge CompanionBarton, Stephen C.BIB COM72
EphesiansBest, ErnestBIB COM67
The Last Week - What the Gospels really teach about Jesus's Final DaysBorg, Marcus & Crossan, John DominicBIB COM362
Meeting Jesus in MarkBorg, Marcus J.BIB COM405
Mark Boring, M. EugeneBIB COM93
Early Christian ExperienceBornkamm, GuntherBIB COM110
Seeing the PsalmsBrown, William P.BIB COM382
Paul, Apostle of the Free SpiritBruce, F.F.BIB COM68
The Epistle to the GalationsBruce, F.F.BIB COM80
PsalmsBrueggeman, W., and Bellinger, W.H.BIB COM277
GenesisBrueggemann, WBIB COM222
Isaiah 40-66Brueggemann, WBIB COM240
An Unsettling God - The Heart of the Hebrew BibleBrueggemann, WBIB COM264
Intepretation - First and Second SamuelBrueggemann, WalterBIB COM112
Spirituality of the PsalmsBrueggemann, WalterBIB COM115
Introduction to the Old Testament The Canon and Christian ImaginationBrueggemann, WalterBIB COM120
Hopeful ImaginationBrueggemann, WalterBIB COM121
Divine Presence among Violence - Contextualising Book of JoshuaBrueggemann, WalterBIB COM133
Great Prayers of the Old TestamentBrueggemann, WalterBIB COM234
The Message of the PsalmsBrueggemann, WalterBIB COM235
The Theology of the Book of JeremiahBrueggemann, WalterBIB COM378
Jeremiah A Commentary - Exile and HomecomingBrueggemann, WalterBIB COM379
The Land - Place as Gift, Promise and Challenge in Biblical FaithBrueggemann, WalterBIB COM416
Worship in Ancient IsraelBrueggemann, WalterBIB COM417
Texts the Linger Words that ExplodeBrueggemann, WalterBIB COM418
Texts for Preaching - Lectionary Commentary Year ABrueggemann, Walter et alBIB COM154
The Psalms and the Life of FaithBrueggemann, WalterBIB COM673
LeviticusBudd, PhilipBIB COM224
IsaiahCalvin, JohnBIB COM238
From Chaos to CovenantCarroll, Robert P.BIB COM380
Jonah (SCM Theological Commentary on the Bible)Cary, PhilipBIB COM139
Introduction to the Old Testament as ScriptureChilds, Brevard S.BIB COM255
DeuteronomyClements, RonaldBIB COM232
Job 1-20Clines, DavidBIB COM265
The Book of ExodusCoggins, RichardBIB COM227
Jeremiah 1-25Craigie, P., Kelley, P.H & Drinkard, J.F.BIB COM237
Jeremiah 1-25 Word Biblical Commentary Volume 26Craigie, P., Kelley, P.H & Drinkard, J.F.BIB COM375
NumbersDavies, ErylBIB COM225
The Pastoral EpistlesDavies, MargaretBIB COM246
Let us Bless the LordDawes, StephenBIB COM116
Thessalonians (The International Critical Commentary)Driver, Plummer, and BriggsBIB COM248
The Living WordDunn, JamesBIB COM13
The Acts of the ApostlesDunn, JamesBIB COM263
The Psalms - a Historical and Spiritual CommentaryEaton, JohnBIB COM117
Discovering JohnEdwards, RuthBIB COM257
MatthewEvans, CraigBIB COM91
MatthewFrance, R.T.BIB COM94
Prayers from the Darkness - The Difficult PsalmsFraser, LynBIB COM131
Scripture An Ecumenical introduction to the Bible and its interpretation Gorman, M.J.BIB COM32
The Epistle to the RomansGrayston, KennethBIB COM249
The Gospel of LukeGreen, Joel BBIB COM108
The Fourfold Gospel CommentaryGregory, AndrewBIB COM226
The Resurrection of PeaceGrey, Mary C.BIB COM551
A Guide to PsalmsHargreaves, JohnBIB COM275
1 and 2 PeterHarink, DouglasBIB COM252
MatthewHauerwas, StanleyBIB COM92
The Psalms through Three Thousand YearsHolladay, William LBIB COM132
PsalmsHunter, Alistair G.BIB COM274
Job - Interpretation - A Bible Commentary for Teaching and PreachingJanzen, J. GeraldBIB COM140
Ezekial - SCM Theological CommentaryJenson, Robert W.BIB COM376
Interpreting the PsalmsJohnston, Philip S. and Firth, David G.BIB COM119
Jeremiah (New Century Bible Commentary)Jones, Douglas RawlinsonBIB COM137
The Epistle to the ThessaloniansJones, IvorBIB COM79
The ApocryphaJones, IvorBIB COM239
1-2 CorinthiansKeener, Craig S.BIB COM77
Jeremiah 26-52 (Word Biblical Commentary) Keown,Gerald, Scalise, Pamela et alBIB COM136
Bound by the BibleKessler, E.BIB COM28
The Prophets Vol. 2 The Babylonian and Persian PeriodsKoch, KlausBIB COM130
The Prophets Volume One - The Assyrian PeriodKoch, KlausBIB COM261
Encountering JohnKostenberger, Andreas, J.BIB COM256
The Epistle to the EphesiansKreitzer, LarryBIB COM81
I and II KingsLeithart, PeterBIB COM151
Ezra and Nehemiah (SCM Theological Commentary)Levering, MatthewBIB COM383
Luke - The N.I. Greek Testament CommentaryMarshall, I HowardBIB COM403
Mark - The N.I. Greek Testament CommentaryMarshall, I HowardBIB COM404
Judges and Ruth -CommentaryMatthew, Victor H.BIB COM118
The Lord ReignsMays, James L.BIB COM267
Psalms Mays, James L.BIB COM271
Judgement and Promise - An Interpretation of the Book of JeremiahMcConville, J.G.BIB COM138
Jeremiah - The International Critical CommentaryMcKane, WilliamBIB COM377
ExodusMeyers, CarolBIB COM230
DeuteronomyMiller, Patrick D.BIB COM229
The Prophecy of IsaiahMotyer, AlecBIB COM135
The Birth of the New TestamentMoule, C.F.D.BIB COM73
The Psalms in Israel's WorshipMowinckel, SigmundBIB COM242
Gospel of JohnNeyrey, Jerome H.BIB COM127
The Gospel of Matthew (NIGTC)Nolland, JohnBIB COM142
Sing a New Song- The Psalms in the Sunday LectionaryNowell, IreneBIB COM134
The Epistle to the PhilippiansO'Brien, Peter T.BIB COM78
The Psalms Volumes 1 and 2Oesterley, W.O.E.BIB COM236
A Story of the PsalmsParrish, V. StevenBIB COM276
SCM Theological Commentary on the BiblePelikan, JaroslavBIB COM262
LeviticusRadner, EphraimBIB COM228
GenesisReno, R.R.BIB COM76
Paul for TodayRichardson, NeilBIB COM95
John for TodayRichardson, NeilBIB COM126
From Text to ActionRicoeur, PaulBIB COM56
Beginning Old Testament StudyRogerson, JohnBIB COM258
The Pastoral Epistles with Philemon and JudeSaarinen, RistoBIB COM251
Jewish Law from Jesus to the Mishnah - Five StudiesSanders, E.P.BIB COM128
The Gospels and JesusStanton, GrahamBIB COM106
The theology of the Gospel of MarkTelford, W.R.BIB COM98
New Testament Articles: Matthew and MarkThe New Interpreters BibleBIB COM90
New Horizons in HermeneuticsThiselton, AnthonyBIB COM55
The Book of Daniel (Interpretation a Bible Commentary)Towner, W. SibleyBIB COM381
Drawn into the Mystery of Jesus through the Gospel of JohnVanier, JeanBIB COM400
The Gospel of John - The Gospel of RelationshipVanier, JeanBIB COM401
The Poestry of the PsalmsVos, C.J.A.BIB COM373
The 2nd Epistle to the CorinthiansWatson, NigelBIB COM82
The First Epistle to the CorinthiansWatson, NigelBIB COM250
Isaiah 34-66 Word Biblical Commentary Volume 25Watts, John D.W.BIB COM374
Paul, Follower of JesusWenham, DavidBIB COM153
Isaiah 40-66Westermann, ClausBIB COM241
Reading The Psalms as a BookWhybray, NormanBIB COM279
Meeting God in MarkWilliams, RowanBIB COM42
Ezra Nehemiah (Word Biblical Commentary)Williamson, H.G.M.BIB COM113
Mark - (Interpretation A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching Williamson, Lamar .JrBIB COM243
RevelationWitherington, BenBIB COM244
The Gospel of Mark - a Social Rhetorical CommentaryWitherington, BenBIB COM411
John's Wisdom - Commentary on the Fourth GospelWitherington, BenBIB COM412
Journeying with Luke - Lectionary Year 3Woodward, J., Gooder, P. & Pryce, MBIB COM402
Journeying with Mark - Lectionary Year BWoodward, J., Gooder, P. & Pryce, MBIB COM410
DeuteronomyWork, TelfordBIB COM223
Mark for EveryoneWright, TomBIB COM83
Luke for EveryoneWright, TomBIB COM88
Lent for Everyone Mark Year BWright, TomBIB COM109
Matthew for EveryoneWright, TomBIB COM363
The Epistle to the ColossiansYates, RayBIB COM247
Young's Analytical Concordance to the BibleYoung, RobertBIB COM155
Here I Stand - Martin LutherBainton, RolandBIO424
Saint Autustine ConfessionsBaldick, Robert and Radice, BettyBIO297
BrainsquallCotter, JimBIO474
John Wesley; A Brand from the BurningHattersley, RoyBIO296
C.S.Lewis - Collected LettersHooper, Walter (ed)BIO468
The Drowned and the SavedLevi, PrimoBIo437
Mandela a Critical LifeLodge, TomBIO430
John CalvinParkert, T.H.L.BIO464
WilberforcePollock, JohnBIO463
No future without ForgivenessTutu, DesmondBIO425
Survival - Holocaust Survivors Tell their StoryWhitworth, W. (ed.)BIO669
Christ of the EverydayAstley, JeffCBF283
Eve's PilgrimageBeattie, TinaCBF665
Nooma Rhythm DVDBell, RobCBF451
Speaking ChristianBorg, MarcusCBF675
Jesus of NazarethBornkamm, GuntherCBF105
The Greatest PrayerCrossan, John DominicCBF96
Jesus Global Crises and RevelationMcClaren, Brian DCBF455
A New Kind of ChristianityMcLaren, BrianCBF648
A Generous OthodoxyMcLaren, BrianCBF653
Things Shaken Things Unshaken. Reflections on Faith and TerrorMorris, ColinCBF46
Crucifixions and Resurrections of the ImagePattison, GeorgeCBF678
The Orthodox Heretic and other impossible talesRollins, PeterCBF441
The Historical Figure of JesusSanders, E.P.CBF284
A Handbook of Christian FiathSchwarz, JohnCBF634
Living FaithSchwarz, JohnCBF647
Christianity, Climate Change and Sustainable LivingSpencer, Nick and White, RobertCBF442
True to ExperienceWilliams, H>A>CBF594
Resurrection - Interpreting the Easter GospelWilliams, RowanCBF293
The Jesus QuestWitherington, BenCBF70
An Anglican Methodist CovenantCHU422
Severus of Antioch - The Early Church FathersAllen, Pauline and Hayward, RobertCHU303
Studying CongregationsAmmerman, N., and Carrol, J. (Ed)CHU346
The Hybrid Church in the CityBaker, ChristopherCHU674
Ecclesiastical History of the English PeopleBedeCHU445
Studying Local Churches HandbookCameron, H., Richter, P., Davies & WardCHU420
Love Bade me WelcomeCarter, DavidCHU172
The Early ChurchChadwick, HenryCHU446
The Diaconal Church - Beyond the mould of ChristendomClark, DavidCHU440
Sexuality - The Inclusive Church ResourceCornwall, SusannahCHU147
Methodism and the FutureCraske, J. and Marsh, C.CHU429
Jesus People - What the Church should do NextCroft, StevenCHU449
MethodismDavies, RupertCHU148
A History of the Methodist Church Volume 1Davies, Rupert, George, R. and Rupp, G. CHU164
A History of the Methodist Church Volume 2Davies, Rupert, George, R. and Rupp, G. CHU165
A History of the Methodist Church Volume 3Davies, Rupert, George, R. and Rupp, G. CHU166
A History of the Methodist Church VolumeDavies, Rupert, George, R. and Rupp, G. CHU167
Poverty - The Inclusive Church ResourceDurber, SusanCHU146
Beyond the Dark Night - A Way forward for the ChurchGrey, Mary C.CHU448
Congregational Studies in the UKGuest, M., Trusting, K., Woodward,L.CHU421
British MethodismHaley, John H. and Francis, Leslie J.CHU294
Congregations Stories and StructuresHopewell, James F.CHU606
Gender -The Inclusive Church ResourceLain-Priestley, Rosemary CHU145
Gregory of NyssaMeredith, AnthonyCHU393
Church after ChristendomMurray, StuartCHU431
Reasonable Enthusiast - John Wesley and the Rise of MethodismRack, Henry D.CHU395
John Calvin and the Later ReformationRandall, KeithCHU649
Dynamics of Religion - Process and MovementReed, BruceCHU428
Western Society and the Church in the Middle AgesSouthern, R.WCHU447
The Altar's Fire - Charles Wesley's Hymns in the Lord's SupperStevick, DanielCHU169
Mental Health The Inclusive Church ResourceVanier, Jean & Swinton, JohnCHU670
Burning Heart - Wesley Churches Story of John WesleyWinwood, DavidCHU394
Youth Work from ScratchCalver, GavinCYP630
Love Life, Live Lent Family BookChurch HouseCYP433
Love Life Love LentChurch Publishing HouseCYP191
Advent AngelsDoggett, SueCYP187
Urban Hope and Spiritual Health - the Adolescent VoiceFrancis, L. and Robbins, M.CYP575
Pedagogy of the OppressedFriere, PauloCYP432
Children's Talks with PuppetsHardwich, JoanCYP186
Messy Church - IdeasMoore, LucyCYP202
Messy Church Moore, LucyCYP352
Making Disciples in Messy ChurchMoore, PaulCYP184
Children's SpiritualityNye, RebeccaCYP349
Sports Value CoursePerry, TimCYP190
Growing into HopeReddie, AnthonyCYP434
Working with 8 to 10sSaunders, C., Porritt, H.CYP350
Biblical Holidays with Activities for All AgesScarlata, R. and Pierce, L.CYP339
The Prince of EgyptSchwartz, StephenCYP185
Christmas wrapped upScripture Union CYP189
Christmas wrapped upWright, ChristineCYP188
Disguises of LoveAskew. EddidDEV444
Coming and GoingBaker, JillDEV473
Awed to Heaven Rooted in EarthBrueggemann, WalterDEV677
God to Enfold MeCalvert, M.DEV472
The Song for Every New Lent & Easter Meditations on C. Wesley's HymnsChilcote, Paul WesleyDEV353
Prayer as Night's approachingCotter, JimDEV214
Living Beauty - Ways of Mystical PrayerDavies, OliverDEV215
Looking on Reflections around the CrossDawes, StephenDEV581
Eternal Spirings A lifetime of HopeDuncan, GeoffreyDEV475
Psalms for LifeEaton, JohnDEV203
I am with youFather JohnDEV27
Promises PromisesFawcett, NickDEV476
The Gospel in the WillowsFrancis, LeslieDEV580
Healed, Restored, ForgivenGunstone, JohnDEV60
Passionate Christianity A Journey to the CrossHammond, CallyDEV216
Joyful Christianity Finding Jesus in the WorldHammond, CallyDEV217
Square MileKandich, K and MDEV549
Open Mind Open HeartKeating, ThomasDEV470
Art and InspirationKoder, Sieger (DVD and book)DEV461
Essential Journey through the Bible in 100 ReadingsKuniholm, WDEV213
Jouneying towards Jesus in AdventMc Bride, DenisDEV104
Journey towards God in AdventMcBride, DenisDEV220
Over the Mountain through the ValleyTate, Maurice & Tate, DorothyDEV221
Luke for Everyone -Year CWright, TomDEV89
Lent for Everyone Luke Year CWright, TomDEV141
A Way through the Wilderness - Experiencing God's Help in Times of CrisisGooder, PaulaDEV (Group resource)219
Jesus wants to save Christians - a manifesto for the Church in exileBell, Rob and Golden, DonDIS212
DiscipleshipBonhoeffer, DietrichDIS8
The Word that Redescribes the WorldBrueggemann, WalterDIS233
Jesus Now and ThenBurridge, Richard & Gould, GrahamDIS398
Apprentice Walking the Way of ChristChalke, SteveDIS426
Lentwise - Group CourseChurch Publishing HouseDIS462
Seeing JesusCocksworth, C.DIS64
Youth EmmausCottrell, S., Croft, S., et alDIS334
Youth Emmaus 2Cottrell, S., Croft, S., et alDIS335
Emmaus Stage 3 Growth Knowing GodCottrell, S., Croft, S., et alDIS336
Emmaus Stage 3 Growth - Christian LifestyleCottrell, S., Croft, S., et alDIS337
Emmaus Stage 3 Growth - Growing as a ChristianCottrell, S., Croft, S., et alDIS338
Experiencing God's LoveCroft, StevenDIS427
Compass - Exploring Christian Faith TogetherMethodist Church Publishing HouseDIS354
Another Story must Begin - Lent CourseMeyer, JonathanDIS579
Growing into Hope - Believing and ExpectingReddie, ADIS347
Growing into Hope - Liberation and ChangeReddie, ADIS348
This is our CallingRichardson, CharlesDIS192
Apprentice Walking the Way of ChristChalke, SteveDVD502
The Cambridge Introduction to NarrativeAbbott, H.PorterLIT23
Being a Priest TodayCockworth, C. and Brown, R.MIN45
Learning for MinistryCroft, Steven & Walton, RogerMIn438
The Leader and the FamilyHill, KatharineMIN651
How to Develop your Local ChurchImpey, RichardMIN605
Living at the Edge, Sacrament & Solidarity in LeadershipJamieson, PennyMIN439
What is a MinisterLuscombe, P. and Shreeve, E.MIN49
Skills for Collaborative MinistryNash, SallyMIN48
The Call to LeadershipSadgrove, MichaelMIN597
Ministerial EthicsTrull, Joe and Carter, J.MIN523
Through the Eye of a NeedleAtherton, J. and Skinner, H.MIS313
Resourcing RenewalAtkins, MartynMIS371
The Complex Christ - Signs of Emergence in the Urban ChurchBrewin, KestorMIS457
Hope for the World - mission in Global ContextBrueggemann, WalterMIS122
Biblical Perspectives on EvangelismBrueggemann, WalterMIS123
Resourcing Mission Practical Theology for Changing ChurchCameron, HelenMIS456
Mission Action PlanningChew, M and Ireland, M.MIS163
Mission-Shaped ChurchChurch of England Mission & Public AffairsMIS316
Prosperity with a PurposeChurches Together in Britan and IrelandMIS309
Evangelism in a Spiritual AgeCroft, S., Frost, R. et alMIS312
Transforming Communities - Re-imagining the Church for the 21st CenturyCroft, StephenMIS288
Local MinistryGreenwood, R. and Pascoe, C (Eds)MIS307
Hope for the ChurchJackson, BobMIS33
Changing Church for a Changing WorldMethodist ChurchMIS454
The Gospel in a Pluralist SocietyNewbiggin, LeslieMIS544
Making Sense of Generation YSavage, S., Collins-Mayo, S. et alMIS310
Chaplaincy Ministry and The Mission of the ChurchSlater, VictoriaMIS150
Hope - Heartbeat of MissionSpring HarvestMIS435
Hope - in our Villages, Towns and CitiesSpring HarvestMIS436
Beyond the Box - Mission Challenges from John's GospelStuckey, TomMIS467
Into the Far Country - Theology of Mission in an Age of ViolenceStuckey, TomMIS661
Poverty and ChristianityTaylor, MichaelMIS631
The Provocative ChurchTomlin, GrahamMIS306
Buildings for MissionWalter, Nigel and Mottram, AndrewMIS453
Developing Healthy ChurchesWarren, RMIS162
Focus - the Art and Soul of CinemaWatkins, TonyMIS578
Contemporary British SocietyAbercrombie, Nicholas and Warde, AlanPAS550
Bible and Pastoral PracticeBallard, P & Holmes, SPAS500
Growing a Caring ChurchBillington, W.PAS524
The Way Forward - Christian Voices on Homosexuality in the ChurchBradshaw, TimothyPAS182
Group ProcessesBrown, RupertPAS460
Rediscovering Pastoral CareCampbell, AlistairPAS356
Pastoral Counselling and PreachingCapps, DonaldPAS355
The New Dictionary of Pastoral StudiesCarr, WesleyPAS519
Some Issues in Human SexualityChurch Publishing HousePAS512
The Practice of Pastoral CareDoehring, CarriePAS179
Handbook of Individual TherapyDryden, W.PAS521
An Introduction to Pastoral CareGerkin, Charles PAS514
The Living Human DocumentGerkin, Charles PAS528
Living Hope A Pastoral Theology of Hope for the DyingHerbert, RussellPAS671
What Could I Say?Hicks, PeterPAS525
Issues in SexualityHouse of Bishops StatementPAS181
Listening to OthersHuggett, JoycePAS526
A Fitting EndHugh, JamesPAS517
Theology and Pastoral CounsellingHunsinger, Deborah van DeusenPAS554
On Grief and GrievingKubler-Ross, Elisabeth & Kessler, DavidPAS360
In living Colour - Intercultural Approach to Pastoral Care and CounsellingLartrey, EmmanuelPAS357
Pastoral SupervisionLeach, J. and Paterson, M.PAS527
Gift of TearsLendrum, S and Syme, GPAS518
ListeningLong, AnnePAS522
Death and BereavementMurray Parkes, ColinPAS529
A Critique of Pastoral CarePattison, StephenPAS359
Death, Mourning and BurialRobben, C.C.PAS513
Bereavement and HealthStroebe, W and Stroebe, M.PAS515
Vows and PartingsThe Methodist ChurchPAS358
Pray without CeasingVan Deusen Hunsinger, DeborahPAS180
Psychology for Christian MinistryWatts, Fraser, Nye, Rebecca & Savage, SaraPAS511
Reflective CaringWhorton, BobPAS361
Spiritual Dimensions of Pastoral CareWillows, David and Swinton, JohnPAS183
Grief Counselling and Grief TherapyWorden, J. WilliamPAS516
The Central Questions of PhilosophyAyer, A.J.PHL287
The Social Construction of RealityBerger, P and Luckmann, TPHL588
The Oxford Dictionary of PhilosophyBlackburn, SimonPHL299
Post-Secular Philosophy : Between Philosophy and TheologyBlond, Phillip (Editor)PHL300
Ethical StudiesBowrie, RobertPHL555
Examining Philosophy and EthicsClarke, Patrick JPHL556
The Theology of KnowledgeCole, PeterPHL302
Philosophy of ReligionCraig, William LanePHL387
Philosophy of ReligionDavies, BrianPHL389
The Blind WatchmakerDawkins, RichardPHL644
Philosophy of Religion: Thinking about FaithEvans, C. StephenPHL286
Philosophy of ReligionEvans, C. StephenPHL466
Pedagogy of HopeFriere, PauloPHL614
Truth and MethodGadamer, Hans-GeorgPHL616
Cambridge Companion to Christian EthicsGill, Robin (ed.)PHL645
The Girard ReaderGirard, RenePHL617
Philosophy - a Guide through the SubjectGrayling, A.C. (Editor)PHL390
Kant Critique of Practical ReasonGregor, Mary (Editor)PHL323
Kant- Groundwork of the Metaphysics of MoralsGregor, Mary (Editor)PHL324
The Cambridge Guide to KantGuyer, PaulPHL391
Natural History of ReligionHume, DavidPHL552
An Enquiry concerning Human UnderstandingHume, DavidPHL585
The Simpsons and PhilosophyIrwin, William; Conard, Mark T and Skobie, Aeon PHL211
The Moral LawKant, ImmanuelPHL589
Criticque of Pure ReasonKant, ImmanuelPHL591
On Paul RicoeurKearney, RichardPHL643
The Cambridge Companion to AquinasKretzmann, Norman, and Stump, EleonorePHL292
The Miracle of Theism - Arguments for and against the Existence of GodMackie, J.L.PHL285
The Philosophy of ReligionMitchell, Basil (Editor)PHL298
Post-ChristendomMurray, StuartPHL615
The Cambridge Companion to HumeNorton, David F (ed.)PHL557
Hume on ReligionO'Connor, DavidPHL558
Freud and Jung on ReligionPalmer, MichaelPHL392
Reason and Religious Belief - An introduction to the Philosophy of ReligionPeterson, Michael; Hasker, William; et alPHL301
The Open Society and its EnemiesPopper, K.R>PHL587
A Companion to the Philosophy of ReligionQuinn, P.L. and Taliaferro, C.PHL319
The Rule of MetaphorRicoeur, PaulPHL465
The Conflict of InterpretationsRicoeur, PaulPHL590
The Problems of PhilosophyRussell, BertrandPHL295
KantScruton, RogerPHL582
German PhilosophersScruton, Roger et alPHL586
The Cambridge Companion to WittgensteinStein, David and Sluga, Hans (eds)PHL553
The Cambridge Companion to AugustineStump, Eleanore & Kretzmann, NormanPHL384
The Coherence of TheismSwinburne, RichardPHL304
Philosophy - A Beginner's GuideTeichman, J., and Evans, K.C.PHL321
Encyclopaedia of the Philosophy of ReligionThisleton, Anthony C.PHL388
KantWalter, RalphPHL583
Philosophical InvestigationsWittgenstein, LudwigPHL559
Tractatus Logico - PhilosophicusWittgenstein, LudwigPHL584
Preaching God's CompassionAden, L.H. and Hughes, R.G.PRE44
Feasting on the Word - Year B Volume 2 (Lent to Easter)Bartlett, David, B. and Brown-Taylor, BarbaraPRE143
Feasting on the Word - Year B Volume 3 (Pentecost and after)Bartlett, David, B. and Brown-Taylor, BarbaraPRE144
Feasting on the Word Year C Vol 4 (Season after Pentecost)Bartlett, David, B. and Brown-Taylor, BarbaraPRE156
Feasting on the Word Year C Vol 3 (Proper 3-16)Bartlett, David, B. and Brown-Taylor, BarbaraPRE157
Feasting on the Word Year B Vol 4 (Proper 17- )Bartlett, David, B. and Brown-Taylor, BarbaraPRE158
Feasting on the Word Year A Vol 2 (Lent through Easter)Bartlett, David, B. and Brown-Taylor, BarbaraPRE159
Feasting on the Word Year A Vol 4 (Proper 17- )Bartlett, David, B. and Brown-Taylor, BarbaraPRE160
Feasting on the Word Year A Volume 1 Advent through TransfigurationBartlett, David, B. and Brown-Taylor, BarbaraPRE364
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Present on EarthWild Goose Pulications Worship GroupWSH195
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